Redhawk’s team of logistics professionals are constantly evaluating their interactions with carriers based on performance relative to established quality standards. This data is passed through in-house crafted algorithms tailored specifically to our industry, generating a suite of performance metrics. When paired with cost and transit time quotes from our carrier partners, these performance metrics help you choose the freight carrier best suited to your individual shipment.

Primary Metrics

  • qScore: This is our carrier quality index. Performance data aggregates are consolidated into a rating from 1 to 100 (highest). The qScore was developed to take into consideration key factors including on-time percentage, dispute frequency, and ahead of schedule deliveries.
  • qScore Star Rating: qScores provide the foundation for our frontline ranking system, qScore Stars. Designed to convey an immediately quantifiable representation of a carrier’s typical performance as measured against both defined standards and their carrier peers, star ranks range from 1 half (lowest) to 5 full (highest).
  • Experience Factor (eFactor): Either 'Limited', 'Moderate' or 'Extensive', the Experience Factor represents our confidence in the sample size underlying all of the other metrics described above.
  • Service Warning: Indicates a history of critical service failures in the selected time horizon.


Our entire suite of performance indicators can be further granularized based on select parameters including:

  • All shipments in our system vs. just yours
  • Time horizon
  • Origin-specific
  • Destination-specific
  • Lane-specific

We are constantly refining our Carrier Analytics and Performance Suite, so you can expect changes as we move forward.